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Should We Execute Corporations That Commit Deadly Crimes?

Should We Execute Corporations That Commit Deadly Crimes?

English: Number of corporations that control n...

English: Number of corporations that control nearly all U.S. media (through time) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I found this sign carried by an unknown woman at an #occupy gathering to be particularly poignant. It points out the obvious flaw in the thinking of those who have decided that corporations should be people. On the one hand they want them to have all kinds of rights – like a real person. On the other they want them to be free from all regulation – unlike real people.Real people get put to death or jailed when they willfully harm others. If the right wing social conservatives want to restrict people in so many ways such as abortion and drug use and if they want to control people by limiting their free speech how do they rationalize wanting to free corporations from all regulation? This type of irrational thought process would elevate corporations to the status of a “super person”.

In his great article at Common Dreams, Russel Mockhiber talks about which corporations could be candidates for execution.

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One Response to Should We Execute Corporations That Commit Deadly Crimes?

  1. Erika says:

    Yes, this is an issue that bothers me deeply.
    Did you watch the movie that came out a few years ago called “the Corporation”?
    It pointed out that a corporation behaves like a sociopath and if it were a human we would lock it up and throw away the key.

    My thinking is that 5% of the population are psychopaths/sociopaths, and we have a society currently structured to benefit them.
    In particular these corporations have become the New Aristocracy in an increasingly feudalistic political environment.
    They have MORE rights and privileges than ordinary folks with none of the responsibilities…and we have let them take over every aspect of our lives.
    THEY are what is destroying community, family values, creativity (through the school system which demands obedience and conformity) and we are letting them do it.

    How can you ask the working class to BE Responsible for themselves (and the constant bailout of wall street that happens every ten years at their expense S&L, LTCM, and the credit default swap fiasco)
    when these corporations and the government are irresponsible in the extreme?

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