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Seth Godin Popularizes Lizard Brain

Examples of genuine social evolution abound. Here’s one:

Lizard SilhouetteSeth Godin has written some incredible stuff. All good, but in my estimation the very best thing he has done is to popularize the idea that we all have a lizard brain and something can be done about it. In his latest book “Linchpin” he speaks at some length about how to quiet or ignore the impulses coming from our inner lizard. These impulses or compulsions are always laced with a fear based survival urge. Most of the time these urges are not rational or helpful to survival in our present day society. Explaining how we need to do this if we wish to succeed in a meaningful way, there’s a great blog post he wrote: “Quieting the Lizard Brain“.  In another blog post he writes: “Linchpins might be afraid, but they know precisely what they’re afraid of. And then they do something constructive about it.”

What’s important about this: It indicates that the practice and the efficacy of true personal evolution or transformation has been yanked out of realms of mysticism, guru’s and religion and firmly ensconced in the psyche of modern society in a non-memetic way. In other words, it has entered the conversation. We are now allowed to talk about it at the office. Anything that encourages us to look at our resistance and  reactivity rather than hide it is liberating.  It’s a step toward taking  responsibility for our stuff. This movement towards openness allows people to become objective to their own compulsive urges which is the first step in overcoming or integration. Thank you Seth.

If you are interested in calming your reptilian brain compulsions then be sure to see the Lizard Brain and You section.

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