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Reassuring or Reprogramming Your Lizard Brain

Reassuring or Reprogramming Your Lizard Brain

Seth Godin’s post: “The Problem With Reassurance“, brings up an important issue.

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English: American entrepreneur, author and public speaker Seth Godin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The resistant impulse is seeking to “protect” you when it is inapropriate or uneccesary. This is felt as some sort of urge or compulsion to take an action. The actions would be some sort of placating or avoidance or a convenient distraction. Whatever will “help” you avoid the unpleasant feelings arising. The big problem is: when we listen to LB and obey it, it reinforces that neuro-pathway and makes that behavior even more of a habit.

Not listening and not obeying may make your LB scream as Seth mentions. This is a viable path to quieting these impulsive demands from your lizard brain. However, it may not be convenient or socially acceptable to have your reaction displayed in the situation you find yourself. For these types of strong negative reactions we recommend using a preemtive process. By taking some time to discover and work with your lizard brain reactions and resistances before you enter a situation that threatens to overwhelm you, it puts you a couple steps ahead of the game. You can find out about these types of processes in our new book: If You Have Buttons… You’re A Robot – A Concise Guide to Tame Your Lizard Brain.

The end result is a much faster resolution to your specific issue.

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