There is no question that our politics in the USA is in a state of chaos. The entire mess can be attributed to lizard brain reactivity because of a clash of values. We analyze and discuss the relative sanity of current political issues and events.

MSNBC’s The Cycle with Jonathan Haidt – awesome

The Cycle, a new show on MSNBC featured a guest that deserves your attention. Jonathan Haidt is someone I have been following for 2 years now. He is a “moral psychologist”. His focus is on how we split into groups and the moral values behind the groupishness. In this video he talks about the moral values that divide the right wing / left wing politcs and why it’s wider than in the past.

Understanding the motivations behind those you oppose or agree with can insulate you from lizard brain reactivity. In other words, awareness of causes brings about a gap in which we can let our thinking brain have the reigns of our thoughts and feelings.



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  1. […] MSNBC’s The Cycle with Jonathan Haidt – awesome […]

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