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Lizard Brain Convention, Coverage

Lizard Brain Convention, Coverage


Watching the GOP convention and listening to the various coverages, I mused. I couldn’t help but notice a couple things that serve to really make my point about the state of our society. There are very few real adults, or they have abandoned society to fend for themselves. It seems the children have taken over and we are in danger of degenerating into a ‘lord of the flies’ situation.

Some of the media was up in arms about all the lying that was happening and admittedly, there were a lot of twisted untruths, disinformation and downright false statements. However, the situation and some of the response of the media seemed more like children fighting then true indignation. Picture this. You have one child screaming, “mommy he lied about me!” and the other children begin to hollar “but she lied about me first!” and that pretty much sums up the situation.

I’ve already seen blog posts about how unfair the media is because they just know that the media is not going to be a half as tough on the Democrats as they were on the Republicans. The “blame stream media” as they call it is surely going to hold them to being more truthful than the other guys. There’s no justice, so we are forced to lie! OK, maybe they didn’t admit to downright lieing, but some came close. So, this is the current state of affairs, and it seems like there’s no real end or no real solution.

Another thing I noticed is that the one ‘child’ is claiming to be a victim because the fact checkers are checking their facts harder than they are checking the other guys facts and the other ‘child’ is claiming to be a victim because the other guy is lying more than the’re lying. You can just smell the emotional immaturity in these statements.

It seems to me that we as a society would be greatly served if we made as one of the criterion to be elected to public office is that you would have to be a real adult. Someone who lies, someone who claims false victimhood, someone who is willing to manipulate by bending the truth does not deserve to be in office. Part of being a real adult would be the ability to entertain or ponder ideas that may conflict with your own belief systems.… Now I’m pipe dreaming, I need to grow up.


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