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It’s The Lizard Brain – Stupid!

Lizard Brain

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I began this article last week with the intention of drawing a contrast between Bill Clinton’s campaign line: “It’s the economy, stupid!” and the tendency we have (when we listen to our fearful lizard brains) to divide into factions and to make the other the enemy whether or not their ideas or solutions will work. Then I ran into Dylan Rattigans post that was remarkably similar to what I was planning, with just a different angle. He writes about  a new culture that is emerging. This culture is about thinking and acting outside the Right / Left political boxes, and working together to really solve problems we face as a nation. (I highly recommend you read / listen to it.)

Back to my take: What I see when I look at the current social, political landscape, is a lot of people with identities welded to certain groups. And because there is so much at stake. these groups are in a winner take all battle. They look at the values of other groups and point the finger and call them evil. This is both medieval and childish, as well as seriously unproductive.

I don’t mean to put this label on everyone who is a politician, but on the right and the left there is a stream of fundamentalism that runs through the ideology. People that are locked into that stream cannot see outside it and actually fear ideas that may be outside of it. It should be obvious by now to any casual observer of the current state of affairs of our politics that this is no way to make progress or to solve problems.

I applaud Dylan Ratigan for everything he’s brought to light on his TV show. I’ve learned a lot watching him over the past two years and because of what I’ve learned and seen I have more hope for humanity than I did before. I look forward to what Dylan will be doing in the future as he leaves one of the very best TV shows behind.

I cannot say I feel the same kind of optimism as he does for our future. This is because I know just what the lizard brain is capable of. Especially when groups of people become gripped by fear. They can be whipped up into a frenzy and manipulated by demagogues who understand this principle of how to control people through their lizard brain. It really could go either way. Either people will evolve and become more conscious and transcend the ways of the lizard brain or they will succumb to the influence of the manipulators and continue to fight to blame and to point the finger at those they should be cooperating with. Hopefully they will realize they should be holding hands with everyone involved in our society and policies in order to secure a brighter future for all of us, especially our children.

A brighter future for our children cannot be had in a climate of war. And it is a culture war that is being waged by the right-wing and left-wing ideologues in the media and in politics. Unless these people who hold the reins to power, ideas and communication to the masses, can grow up and become more emotionally mature, we may all be in for a wild ride and a very uncertain future.

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