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If You Have Buttons You’re A Robot EBook

If You Have Buttons You’re A Robot EBook

This is a concise guide to taming your lizard brain just as Seth Godin suggests. We show you how. Not burdened down with a lot of theory and fluff, this guide walks you through 6 ‘shifts’. Step by step. These shifts are designed to cleanse your doors of perception, as well as release you from any traumatic residue or programming from your past.

The steps are a series of exercises designed to awaken the natural process of human development or personal evolution. Your brain has neuroplasticity which allows you to create new neuropathways as well as erase the old ones that give you so much trouble.

Further research, study and exercises can be found on the website of Tame Your Lizard Brain. You can also join a private forum / community where you can ask your deeply personal questions in written form or during live regular Q&A sessions. The privacy ensures a safe and anonymous environment to facilitate rapid resolution of your personal issues. Please join us.

The principles and tools in this book will give you the power to change. Stop waiting for something or someone to rescue you and use this power to rescue your own life.

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One Response to If You Have Buttons You’re A Robot EBook

  1. Ian Thomas Digges says:

    Wow. This book is invaluable for anyone who wants to free their mind of social programming and it’s only $3.

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