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If Corporations Are People Then…

Drawing the line on the bottom line.

OK, so corporations are people now. . . but do they have a heart? Can they feel or understand the repercussions of their decisions? Can they differentiate between their bottom line and the greater good? A cursory glance at the track record of corporations tells us no, absolutely not. They have behaved like belligerent teenagers for the most part.

Maybe it’s time for some of these corp-eople to grow up. Which begs the question: “Who’s responsible for their upbringing?” Who is a teen corp-erson’s responsible guardian? Unfortunately a corporation can only act as responsibly or maturely as it’s boardroom’s group-think. This would be the measure of a corporations maturity. How much is the lizard brain influencing decisions? Or, the other side of the coin: How much awareness of our interdependence is functioning? Does this boardroom know and feel the repercussions of it’s decisions and actions? Do they only use bottom line thinking or is their world view more inclusive than that?

Recently Mitt Romney, republican presidential candidate, reiterated his fervent belief that corporations are people. But at the same time he and his fellow candidates are all calling for more deregulation. There is an almost religious belief in a so called “free market system” which doesn’t really exist. If more deregulation occurs there will be nothing in place to protect society from disasters like the real estate and banking debacle that almost bankrupted this country. My logic says that if corporations are ‘people’ then they need rules just like real people. Regulations are simply rules. No teenager wants to live by rules – heck most adults dislike rules as well. But, without rules the lizard brain in us is free to take every opportunity to exercise it’s selfish immaturity. The exercise of selfish immaturity leads to all kinds of chaos and calamity. I for one do not trust corporations to do the right thing. At least until they really grow up and become fully responsible adults.

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