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Decondition Your Lizard Brain

New Book Coming Soon!

New Book Coming Soon!

Learn How To Decondition Your Lizard Brain. T Sebastian is developing a comprehensive course on applying cutting edge human change technology designed to set you free from the tyranny of your programming, conditioning and lizard brain reactivity.

In his recent book “Linchpin”, Seth Godin discusses how our lizard brain causes resistance and negativity. He’s talking about the lizard brain from the context of creativity and creating results in a business setting. This is so true. Seth goes on to give some pointers as to how to deal with your lizard brain. This is an important step for any individual seeking fulfillment.

Personally, I’ve been absorbed in a quest to find every way possible to undo the negative states of resistance and reactivity in people. Especially myself and those I close to me. During this journey, I met up with many others who had the same vision.

Our research has uncovered many ways in which our lizard brain keeps us from living the lives we wish we could have. The reptilian brain affects us in all areas of our life: Our health, our relationships, our creativity, our energy level etc, etc. The good news is: We’ve discovered & compiled many powerful methods to deal swiftly and permanently with resistance or reactive issues you may have.

These cutting edge discoveries in the sciences of human change and transformation address the many aspects of resistance, limitation and emotional pain that every person experiences. You can learn how to apply these techniques by purchasing our books, or signing up now at our private members site. You will receive access to the first few sections of the course. It is free for “just browsing level” and the full membership is only $5.00 a month at the introductory price (which will change as we begin to get moving).

These cutting edge techniques are very liberating. Imagine how it would feel if you could unhook your mind and heart from every irrational fear you have. Think of the freedom you would feel if you could eliminate every destructive compulsive urge from your life. What would it be like if you had a never ending supply of motivation to create anything you can envision? Who would you be when all your negative impulses are gone?

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