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The books we review are focused on transformation / evolution and directly related to subjects on this website. Most of them will blow your mind... or at least expand your thought processes.

Untethered Soul – Review

Untethered Soul – Review

Untethered Soul by Michel Singer turned out to be one of the very best books on personal transformation I have read. I originally read this about 3 years ago with my wife and we both enjoyed it – especially my wife. She felt as though his presentation was not overly spiritualized but practical. Why did I think it was one of the best? Because it is rather practical and down to earh with some concrete examples of how to handle the difficult feelings and reactions we all feel. I feel like there is very little practical advice and or instruction out there for people who want to travel this road. Untethered Soul is basically about how to execute perception shifts and cut away the tethers of identification. The approach Michael takes is almost identical to my own. In my writings I try to give people very practical step by step actions to take to experience shifts and releases. Michael speaks from a background of yoga but does not overemphasize it. Instead he gives humor laced advice that is usable and will help many people on their path of transformation. I was very happy to see Michael Singer on Oprah a couple weeks ago. I highly recommend this book.

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