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Discover The Tools and Develop Your Skills For Self Actualization and Wholeness

This Book Is For You If You Want To…

  • final_02End Your Lizard Brain’s Resistance: Acquire the keys to free up your creativity and manifest your unique artistic contribution. Avoid the pain of not living your vision or dream.
  • Develop Your Emotional IQ: What is EQ? After following these catalyzing sessions, you won’t need a definition because you’ll have emotional intelligence.
  • Overcome Robotic Reactivity or End the Effects Of Trauma: Many people suffer from all types and intensities of post traumatic stress or PTSD.  Everyone has childhood trauma to be integrated. Learn how to remove your reactive buttons and triggers.
  • Speed Up Your Spiritual Evolution: Spiritual seekers often encounter what’s called spiritual blocks. You can get stuck on the path of transformation. Build the skills to remove your blocks to growth.
  • Master Negative Emotions: Painful and unhappy feelings like fears, anger, frustration, loneliness or sadness keep us from living the creative, empowered and joyful lives we’ve envisioned. Discover the power to resolve these issues.
  • Integrate Your Shadow: The “dark side” has become a popular meme in recent years. Spiritual teachers and Transpersonal Psychologists are declaring how important it is to integrate your shadow for self development and the journey to wholeness. Develop your skill and lay the foundation to execute your unique journey to wholeness.

My struggle and Why This Guide?

Perhaps, like me, you’ve been searching for an inner healing for many years. Most of us are. You may have tried some metaphysical healing or emotional healing or spiritual healing methods. I tried all kinds of methods including energy healing, emotional freedom techniques, healing meditation, Eastern & Western religion and mysticism etc. I delved deeply into trauma therapy as well, and metaphysics.

What drove me was a strong drive for self development leading to spiritual growth. I also wanted to remove some of the unwanted negative emotions I experienced. Something told me it was possible to undo limiting aspects of my personality.

Some of the methods I researched gave me helpful gains, but I found the price of therapy is steep. On the other hand it is difficult to make real progress without an accomplished guide. It wasn’t my style to follow a guru either. After experiencing several different types of inner healing modalities and many years of study and practice, I found the most effective solution for me was a form of self healing that I call, generically, emotional integration. Fortunately, I found foundational keys that opened the doors for me.

To find these keys, I worked diligently for thirty years. Eventually by much trial and error, I developed the catalyzing sessions you’ll find in this self healing guide. Practicing them on a daily basis has given me the freedom, inner peace and self knowledge that I sought for so long. Most importantly, I gained the skills to create inner peace, clarity and well being for the rest of my life. The benefits I’ve seen are tremendous.
I boiled down much of what I discovered into the basic skills you’ll learn in this book. It’s designed to catalyze your integration process and give you the skills to direct your own inner healing journey.

Why this book? I’m not a guru, but I enjoy teaching and helping others. My natural response was to write this book.
So, why is the price so low if all this is included? Simple, my life vision is to bring sanity and wholeness to as many people as possible. I believe this is a birthright of every human and I want to provide the means for everyone to be able to access it.

This Guide Comes With Bonuses: A free membership site for those who want to interact directly with me, and Get your questions answered. When you join, you get a free audio that guides you through the catalyzing sessions.
For more details scroll up and click the “Look Inside” cover image.
Sincerely, T Sebastian

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